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Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA Holiday

Our Camping Trip:  Coming Late June 2020

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George Washington & Jefferson National Forrest

Camp Site Information/Facts:

Sherando Lake Recreation Area is known locally as the

jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Families enjoy

picnicking in this shaded and woody area, while relaxing

on the sandy beach of a 25-acre spring-fed lake. Access

to multiple trail heads and rustic architecture provide

numerous points of interest for families to enjoy.
         - 33 Camp sites and 29 RV Camp sites
         - Camp sites have electricity but no water hook-ups


Our Camping Trip: June 23, 2019 - June 25, 2019
This was the go to campground when I was a boy and my first trip back to this camp ground in about 25 years.  It was also my son's first trip. 


The was also the first camping trip in the new Dadwagon.  As some of you know, the original Outback (2014 2.5i Limited) was totaled.  I was very much looking forward to testing out the new 3.6R model in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I must say,  there was no comparison.  It did amazingly well with carrying all of our gear, bags, tents, chairs, etc.  It hardly struggled going up the mountains, compared to the 2.5i.  It did however, use more gas and i knew this would be the case.  

Once we got to the camp site, we unloaded our gear and began setting up.  Our camping gear was pretty basic with a CORE Equipment 12 Person Instant Tent, random folding chairs, and a few other necessities.  The sites at Sherando Lake  are very well maintained,  spacious, have electric (at most spots), access to water, trailer hookups, and are elevated so if it rains, water will run away from your area.  This was extremely important, since a major thunderstorm rolled over the valley our second night there. 

Overall we had a blast!  The lake, beach, mountain views, hiking trails, roasting marsh mellows, and anything else you could think of was exactly what we needed.  We will keep this camp grounds on our return list. 

On the Adventure Dadwagon Rating scale, I give it a 4.5/5!



Mountain Lake Camping & Cabins

Camp Site Information/Facts:

Mountain Lake Campground offers a wide variety of sites and amenities to make your stay everything it can be.  From the organized family activities and lakefront cabins, to the tent and full hook-up sites, they want your family to enjoy West Virginia camping to its fullest! Queue the banjo!! HA, just kidding...


Our Camping Trip: June 29, 2018 - July 1, 2018

For those of you know who are familiar with West Virginia, Summersville is almost in the middle of the state and has a pretty good size lake and river area that are good for boaters.  This was our first trip to this particular campground but not our first to Summersville.   Summersville is actually where my grandparents, on my mom's side, are berried. 

Upon arrival to the camp site, we claimed our spots and began unpacking.   The sites themselves are wide open but don't have any predefined areas.  That's both good and bad.  It's good that you can pick your area based on the layout, water runoff, and other things you would look for.  I unfortunately don't care for this though.  I like campgrounds to have areas already pre-identified, leveled off, and setup.  I've found this works better if you have bad weather during your stay.  Once we got to the camp site, we unloaded our gear and began setting up. 

The campgrounds itself offers several activities for families like, a lake with a beach, fishing, hiking trails, pool, trampoline, and other kid friendly activities.  Also, since you're in the mountains, you get to have close encounters with wildlife.  We had a few deer come visit our tents daily.  

Overall, the trip was a success.  The lake, beach, mountain views, fishing, hiking trails, pool, and whatever else the kids got themselves into was a good time.  

On the Adventure Dadwagon Rating Scale, I give it a 3.5/5.

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